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we're coming up on 'that time of year'

 i am soliciting your help. i would like to make gingerbread house again this year. it will be the centerpiece of a themed table at a church event. my mom and i always have to top our previous concept. here is the last one we did.

i am having trouble with coming up with a concept. mom is stuck on the idea of doing a scale model of Big Ben, but i am not in love with the idea. 

does anyone have any ideas?

any suggestions would be most appreciated!!  : )
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Helloooooo? *tap* *tap* *tap*

I hope this comm gets more active this month!

Does anyone have any recommendations for gingerbread recipes, and/or tips for baking your own gingerbread for the purpose of house building? I want to go beyond those little baby kits this year... Thanks!

Enter the This Old Gingerbread House contest!

A $200 Home Depot gift card couldn't hurt this holiday season, could it? Enter your gingerbread house in This Old House's This Old Gingerbread House contest by December 12th for a chnce to win; then tell your friends to vote for it between December 13 and December 23. Winners will be announced in a photo gallery on Christmas Eve.

Go to the following URL to enter (gingerbread house kit builds and your kids' creations are welcome! Also, feel free to enter iamges of your houses from years past):